S-16 Wireless T, %RH, WME Sensor with 64K Reading Datalogging Memory

Wireless Temperature, Humidity and Moisture Content (WME) Sensor with 64K Reading Datalogging Memory

The S-16 datalogging Tempreature, RH and WME sensor is identical to our S-900-1 series sensor except it includes a 64K reading datalogging memory.  It will store up to 64K (65,535) readings where a single reading includes temperature, humidity and WME data.  Readings are stored if there is no gateway detected within wireless range.  If a gateway is present, the sensor uploads all readings stored in memory and continues to send regular readings to the gateway.  Readings are stored in FLASH memory and are kept even with the battery removed.  This sensor is ideally suited for monitoring in locations where internet access is not available such as climate critical shipping containers, trucks, or rail cars. 

High accuracy (±0.3°C/±2.0%RH) sensor monitors Temperature, Humidity and Moisture Content (also known as WME or Wood Moisture Equivalent). This sensor integrates a wireless transceiver, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pin type (resistance) moisture meter and 64K reading memory into a compact form factor of 2.25 x 1.5 x 1.0 inches.  The sensor operates from a long life Lithium battery with a typical battery life of 15+ years.  Typical applications include:

  • Monitoring of ambient conditions in shipping containers containing temperature, humidity or moisture sensitive items
  • Monitoring of mobile chilled food storage such as refrigerated trucks or rail cars
  • Monitoring of refrigerated shipments

Comes With:

  • ER14505 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery
  • Mounting Screws and Split Washers
Sensor Installation Manual
S-16 Quick Start Guide
S-16 Wireless T, %RH, WME Sensor with 64K Reading Datalogging Memory S-16-2.0,±0.3°C/±2.0%RH
OmniSense high accuracy Datalogging Wireless Moisture Meter, Temperature, %RH and % Moisture Content, ±0.3°C/±2.0%RH accuracy
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