S-19 Wireless CO2 Sensor

Wireless CO2 sensor monitors building CO2 levels from 0-2000 PPM, auto background calibration
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Our S-19 CO2 Sensor is ideally suited to continuous real time monitoring of building CO2 levels.  As with all our sensors, data is relayed by our gateway over the internet in real time and can be viewed from any web browser.  CO2 is an excellent indicator of how well a building's HVAC system is balancing/mixing in outside air.  Too much and it wastes energy, too little and the air is uncomfortably stale.

  • Range 0-2000 PPM with resolution down to 1 PPM
  • Accuracy - At 72°F (22°C) when compared against a certified factory reference ± 40 ppm + 3% of reading
  • Temperature Dependence - 0.2% FS per °C
  • Stability - < 2% of FS over life of sensor (15 year typical)
  • Non Linearity - < 1% of FS
  • Pressure Dependence - 0.135 of reading per mm Hg
  • Calibration Interval - Calibration not required
  • Response Time - < 2 minutes for 90% step change typical
  • Warm up time - < 2 minutes (operational), 10 minutes (maximum accuracy)
  • Operating conditions - 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C), 0 to 95% RH, non condensing
  • Over The Air updates of
    • Firmware
    • Configuration, including sample period (ie time between samples)
  • Powered from AC adapter, 100-240 VAC in, 3.3 VDC out
  • data can be graphed against data from any other OmniSense sensor or sensor(s)
  • alarm emails when measured  CO2 value exceeds high or low thresholds or returns to normal range.
  • FCC/CE approved
  • Automatic Background Logic, or ABC Logic, is a patented self-calibration technique that is designed to be used in applications where concentrations will drop to outside ambient conditions (approximately 400 ppm) at least 3 times in a 14 day period, typically during unoccupied periods.
  • Compact and wireless makes for an easy installation.

Comes with:

  • AC Adapter


  • OmniSense Gateway
  • OmniSense Monitoring Account
S-19 Quick Start Guide
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